I have two Dads and get to decide which gets to define my worth.                             

One walks in and out of my life, the other swears he will never leave.          

With one I share DNA and similar scars but it's the other who fathers me.            

By one I am labelled to be more trouble than I'm worth, yet another paid the highest price and continues to fight for me.
We are designed to crave a Dad.

Someone who's when little shoulders we can sit on and as we grow hand to hold.

Truth is not all are willing or able, though my earthly Dad walked away leaving me fractured I am not left abandoned and discarded.                                                  

It's through ridiculous grace that God fills this space.

He tells me I'm loved while healing skinned knees, protects and provides, holds my hand when I feel outnumber, when I rebel and wander he comes to find me.

Our God is a God who shows up and cares for his kids in 10,000 different ways. Though he asks fathers to show his fathers heart even if they don't he'll do it anyway.

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