Out my window

A shooting Star catches my attention as it races across the sky. I heard somewhere that shooting stars are angles throwing away their ciggerets before God can catch them smoking. There are lots of ideas about falling stars but j think I like this one the best.

As I stand with my neck craned out the window my mind floats up towards the sky. There are 100 billion galaxies estimated although mankind has never left the one we were placed in. In our galaxy, there are 200 billion -trillion stars and in amongst those 88 constellations, funny thing is that out of 200 billion-trillion stars we can only see 2500 of them from where we stand. In this galaxy God made 8 planets but only gave one life.

My gaze falls out across the patchwork of roofs I can see from my window. On this earth, there are 197 countries, 7.9 billion people and 6500 different languages.

Out of 6500 different languages, I speak 1.

It is a big world, in an instant, we could pack up and go somewhere no one knows us, call a rewrite. There’s something wonderfully freeing about this concept. We could stay in the same corner of which we were born in the hopes of knowing it and the people they’re intimately and thoroughly. We could speak 1000 languages but still not truly understand all that people have to say. We could meet 1000 people but only truly know a few. I guess in comparison to all there is to know we will always know nothing, but maybe that’s the beauty of it.


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