The game of war.

Game after game we do the same thing . Everyone has the same jod and we fight those across from us. I asked the king once if I could be a hores or a bishop but he said no………

I asked the king once if we could stop fighting war but he also said no ……….

I am sick of fighting the folks across from us when no-one knows the reason.My friend Gary agrees with me. If war is a game the kings wish to play then fine but there is no reason for the rest of us to be killed off every two seconds because of it.

Myself and Gary are going on strick until someone explains the nature of this war. I told the king …… who was behind me as boldly as I bare . “Oh there is no reason why we just fight because there is nothing eals to do!” The king said somewhat confused and laughing. “It is the life of a chess piece so you must learn to cope. ” he said turning away to instruct a castle.

I hate being a chess pieces.


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